Spring Series 2021

We are back for wood and coal fired BBQ on the Tuk Tuk Terrace!
Wednesday through Sunday from 5 to 8 pm.

Spring Series 2021
We are back for wood and coal fired BBQ on the Tuk Tuk Terrace!
Wednesday through Sunday from 5 to 8 pm.

Loloan Lobby Bar


Spring Series 2021

Join us for wood and coal fired BBQ takeout from 5 to 8 pm on the Tuk Tuk Terrace.
Walk up and order or call 519-883-1010 to pre-order with a pick-up time.
$18 food only / $20 includes a beer.

Wednesday, April 21

chicken breast stuffed with kale and water spinach, slathered in aromatic balinese 'betutu' spices,
then wrapped in banana leaf and smoked over hot coals
served with yellow coconut rice and sambal tomat

Thursday, April 22

loloan and brady's chiang mai pork sausages finished over wood smoke
and served with sticky rice, som tam and pow

Friday, April 23

octopus, braised then finished over hot coals, with sambal metah, urap and lontong 'a la jimbaran bay'

Saturday, April 24

p.e.i. grass fed AAA brisket 18 hour slow cooked on coal and hickory
with banh mi, slaw and bbq/nuoc nam

Sunday, April 25

raspberry point oysters, raw with jims and jaews or baked à la bhima’s


Cocktail Kits

2 serving kit includes 2 strong cocktails
6 serving kit includes 6 strong cocktails and a snack

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Ingat Loloan Bali Kit

gin, wild gunung honey, fresh kunyit, mint, tamarind, pomelo

Butterfly Pea Flower Kit

vodka, butterfly pea flower, lychee, salty-sweet snacks

Mona Lisa Kit

good scotch, sloe gin, hibiscus, mead

Sinagpore Sling Kit

gin, cherry heering, cointreau, benedictine, pineapple, grenadine, bitters

Straits Sling Kit

gin, benedictine, cherry eau de vie, lemon, soda, angostura bitters

Under Bridge Kit

tequila, lemongrass, kumquat, ginger, nam plaa

Pho Thoi Trang Kit

bourbon, pho syrup, nam plaa, lime, thai basil, birds eye chili

Pegu Club

local gin, cointreau, bitters, orange, lime


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Boodles London

dry gin (750 ml)


vodka (750 ml)

Stalk & Barrel

blue blend whisky (750 ml)

Olmeca Altos

100% agave plata tequila (750 ml)


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'savehospitality.ca' collaboration mix
$16 per 4 pack








Loloan Lobby Bar
Fourteen Princess St W
Waterloo, ON

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